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I am an acupuncturist, + Oracle psychic + alchemist + artist + yogi + magician + karmic healer


Here’s my story…

I was born in Huntsville, Alabama from two people who did not feel like my actual parents. I knew this from an early age. Both my mother and father were and continue to be poor, absent and abusive drug addicts.I spent the majority of my childhood cooking and cleaning for myself and my sisters and not having much of a innocent youth. There were times I wasn’t even allowed to eat the food in the house and puberty was more than an invasion of my daily privacy. Constant body shaming, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse was all that I knew. It was the lense in which I saw the world. Trying to develop values and ideas about myself and the world was very challenging and I was mostly trying to find avenues to escape my constant nightmare. Being queer was another obstacle I repressed and living in the south only furthered my feelings as being an outsider. Since I was 14, I had planned on leaving my painful cage to see more, to know more. This could not be my only option. I always knew there was something greater, something more than what life had seemed to present to me. However, like many lost and abused kids in this world, drugs and alcohol can seem like the only way out. So I drank and I did drugs. Lots of them. Many of them supplied by my parents. Numbing myself was my only way to be free and all I have ever wanted was freedom.

Call it divine intervention or my higher self, something woke me up enough to eventually leave. I saved up my money working 3 jobs and left my past behind me, hoping to never see it again. My journey lead me many places; I traveled the United States, Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Mexico. I lived in various cities. I worked random jobs. But I continued to stay numb, but not to my painful digestion. I found a home in Baltimore, Maryland for about 7 years, where I obtained my B.A. in psychology. I chose psychology because I desperately desired to understand all the questions I had and a possible solution to become more healed myself. Psychology gave me some understanding on behavior and the human mind. How could we live in a world where so many people are hurting and hurting each other. I never understood that and maybe still do not.  I lived out of the country for year after that, roaming and searching, looking for the parts of me that were lost and having the adventures that have always filled my heart.


Through my travels, Portland had always been a place that called to me. Maybe it was because the city allowed me to be myself or maybe it was fate, but I eventually moved here. I became more fascinated and dedicated to the occult and esoteric fields of study. I became more devoted to caring for myself and finding healers who could assist me in this process. I can still remember my first acupuncture session. It felt like my entire face expanded with golden light. It was like being hit over the head and someone saying “This! This is important!” I began getting weekly acupuncture sessions, slowly peeling away the layers that I had spent so long to ignore. I began purchasing books about Chinese medicine and feeling more and more compelled to understand the ancient practice.

After years of interest, I interviewed and was accepted to the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where I received my MAcOM in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. There is a phrase that people would say at school, “You don’t learn the medicine, the medicine learns you”. That is exactly what happened. The transformation I underwent has been beyond what I could have imagined. Chinese medicine has not only taught me its lineage, but opened so many doors that I have kept shut for the majority of my life. During my program at OCOM, I started counseling for my ptsd, trauma, and repressed anger. I became sober from alcohol, something I never believed I could achieve. I attended a 3-year mystery school program, which helped strengthen my foundation of an occult researcher and intuitive medium. I spent countless hours alone processing and studying and processing.


Now I live with my beautiful partner and our animals feeling more whole and alive than I ever knew I could. Healing is hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise has not done it. It does not happen overnight or with one treatment. it is a lifestyle; a daily practice. You have to want to change. I am living proof, flesh and blood, that the body, mind and spirit are more resilient than we give them credit. Nothing is too big or small to overcome. I want to live in a world where we all thrive and we are all sovereign. I am grateful everyday for my opportunities and humble to my experience. I welcome all people of diverse colors, genders, sexual orientations and cultures. I focus on the root of the issue, whether it be a childhood trauma or a past life block and specialize in healing what other practitioners may not see.


Verone Bright, Lac

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