Oracle,+ Tarot + Divination

1-on-1 Tarot Oracle Reading with Occult exercises- $150 for a 60 min session

Couple Oracle Tarot Reading(Romantic and non-romantic couples welcome)- $250 for a 1 hour 30 minute session

Channeled Oracle Tarot for Events + Parties + Social Affairs- $150 an hour

sessions are done over facetime + phone only


Ritual Acupuncture +Shiatsu + Reiki + Sonic Healing

Initial Acupuncture visit- $150 for 75 min

Follow up visit- $125 for 60 min

Reiki with guided sound trance- $150 for 60 min

Synthesis Modality Packages

Ancestral Distancing- 6 sessions of acupuncture and energy work with divination channeling- Our ancestors job is to love and support us; however, this is not always what happens. Many of our bloodlines are weighed down by oppressive thoughts and ideals. Do you have a nagging voice in your head telling you you're not good enough or a feeling that you are being pushed in a direction you don’t want to go? It could very well be an ancestor with their own agenda and not supporting your highest good. This healing package allows the cords from unhealthy ancestors to be detached and a connection with the wisest ancestor closest to you.  $750

Finding the Pieces; Rooted Childhood Trauma- 6 sessions-This is for deep, emotional, physical, sexual and verbal abuse. Many times during abuse, we fractal and pieces of us break off. This can manifest in unbalanced emotions, false ideas about ourselves, anxiety, depression, body pain, to name a few. By fusing a specialized treatment plan based on your specific needs, together we can begin to piece the story back and begin to create a new, loving one. $750

Broken Heart Restoration- 4 sessions of acupuncture, sound healing and energy work to begin to move through a challenging break up or injured heart chakra- $500

Drain the Gu- Package One- 10 sessions of a fusion of acupuncture, reiki, sound healing, divination channeling and occult exercises to begin to remove the poison of the patriarchy. This treatment package is directly formulated from my own person research, practice and understanding of healing in this poisonous system. Gu Syndrome is a syndrome that manifests very similarly as a parasite. It can cause digestive disorders, mental fogginess, depression, muscle pain and cyclic, recurring patterns.  $1250

Bilocation Healing with Hoodoo- Not in the Portland area, but seek healing? I can provide distance support that connects to your specific needs and goals. Hoodoo is one of the oldest forms of magic and I have carefully practiced, with the assistance of my ancestral lineage, to formulate a method of remote healthcare that works through spiritual energetics and focused intention. Each session is completely individual. Contact me for rates