We live in a world with great separation from nature and from ourselves. My purpose is to help people reconnect to their wisest self, allowing a remembering of the eternal. We have the ability to regenerate and discover the hidden parts within us. By receiving information from diverse consciousnesses, realms, dimensions and beings, I weave new stories with my patients from the energetic body to the physical body. The majority of our pain begins in our auric subtle bodies. Information first enters our environment through our energetic field, but it may be difficult to hear the message. If we can shift the astral, the emotional, the etheric or the celestial bodies, we can heal the physical form. For deep muscular pains, a more physical treatment may be necessary.

Each patient I see is treated on an individual basis. No one treatment is ever the same. All information revealed in each session is completely confidential. By incorporating ALL of my senses and my understanding of Asian and western medicine, energetics and personal research, I utilize a variety of modalities to compose a treatment that is right for you. Healing takes time and you don’t have to do it alone.

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