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We live in a world with great separation from nature and from ourselves. My purpose is to help people reconnect to their wisest + truest self, allowing a remembering of the eternal. We have the ability to regenerate and discover the hidden parts within us. By receiving information from diverse consciousnesses, I weave new stories with my patients from the Celestial Body to the Physical Body.

The majority of our pain begins in our Subtle Bodies. Information in layers of our multidimensional bodies may be difficult to hear. If we can awaken our Qi + Blood, enliven our Inner Temples & listen to our beingness beyond the physical, we can shift deep wounds + blocks.

Each patient I see is treated on an individual basis. No one treatment is ever the same. All information revealed in each session is completely confidential. By incorporating ALL of my senses and my understanding of Eastern and Western Medicine+ Alchemy + Metaphysics I utilize a variety of modalities to compose a treatment that is right for


The Aquarian Age calls for each one of us to be in our fullest embodied empowerment. We truly start living when we awaken to our own dream. You are the master of your own domain + and your body is your temple.


  • An ancient healing modality that uses the conductivity of metal to activate the body’s Qi + Blood, balance Yin + Yang & promote wellness + vitality

  • There are over 500 acupuncture points on the human body, each a specific anatomical location + a spring of Qi connecting to corresponding meridians

  • Meridians are networks of our Qi, or electromagnetic energy life-force, that correlate to paired Zang Fu organs

  • When a point is stimulated, the meridian + Zang Fu also awakens, bringing life + awareness back to the cells

  • The Art of Acupuncture removes blockages from the body + invigorates the Qi + heals all illness & disease + promotes longevity

  • The electromagnetism of the Celestial Realm connects to the electromagnetism within and around our bodies through each needle to awaken our Star Soul

  • It is painless + holistic + medicinally fueled by universal biophysics

  • Fire Cupping + Gua Sha + Moxa + Seven Star + Bleeding may be part of the treatment + CBD oil can be applied for relaxation


  • A form of Japanese bodywork based on similar principles as acupuncture, in which pressure is applied to specific points on the body down meridian channels

  • The benefits of Shiatsu range from treating sleep disorders to muscular skeletal discomfort and allows Qi to flow more harmoniously

  • Shiatsu is done with all clothes on, dressed in comfortable + cotton materials, and treatment flows from left to right + top to bottom

  • Shiatsu is a good alternative to those who have fear around needles + a form of bodywork that awakens the cells to your multidimensional self

  • Stones + essential oils can be used for a more full sensory treatment

Reiki + Psychic

  • Allowing myself to be a conduit for energetic transmutation, I communicate with your guides +guardians, ancestors + loved ones & assist in shifting + letting go of stuck Qi

  • I work from Celestial Realm to Physical Realm creating a container of protection + empowerment and open a “drain” to purge all negative vibrations

  • Can be used as a Energetic Cleanse or to focus on a specific issues + builds connection to your inner contacts and angels + balances chakra system

  • Tarot + Astrology maybe be used in a treatment + stones and essential oils can be used for a more full sensory treatment + tapping (EFT) is used during session

Sonic Healing

  • The power of Sound has been a Sacred Art since the creation of the Multiverse + The Harmony of the Spheres keeps Cosmic Order

  • Sound Vibrations are never destroyed + become more and more expansive + connect all of us together

  • Sessions include mantra chanting + crystal bowl sound healing A F C notes + 432 Hz+ primal drumming

  • Sound can be added to a treatment or be a full sonic session

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