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The world needs to shift. It's apparent. Just go outside or turn on the news. It's like we are stuck in the past and can't wake to the future. This perception is valid since all of our information, concepts, texts and research is rooted very much there. Why do we still hold so much faith, value, and truth to systems and thought processes that are no longer working? Especially for women, queers, trans, non-binary people and POC. Why have we been only listening and internalizing the opinions of rich, white men for so long? And by so long, I mean SO LONG! Try around 2,000 years. Seems like it's time for us to change, or better yet EVOLVE! 

How does it change?  How do I help? I feel so small and the problems are so big. It's pointless. Then end is coming anyways, right? 

That would be such a simple solution to such a large epidemic!

If you are alive right now, you chose to incarnate to assist with the shift. The old paradigm is not working. The idea of "the hero" is a disgusting concept in our "history". Most "heros" where murderers, rapists, thieves and destroyers of the natural rhythms of the earth. The beings and Deities constructed into "demons" in historical context are anything but that; They are the liberators, the revolutionaries, the sovereign, the initiates. But, power and greed are nasty diseases and the ones at the top aren't going to give it up nicely. No one likes falling. 

Sadly, these archaic, patriarchal times have not left us. The rich are still getting richer.  White, abusive men are still in power. Trans people are still being murdered. Women are still being raped. 

All the systems that we have in place are not balanced.  It's like always seeing the sun and never knowing that the moon even existed. A HUGE part of all of us is "sleeping"  and I think it is time that we all WAKE UP to how we are personally reflecting these systems that we  fight to eradicate.

I believe that one of the most prevalent diseases we have currently is our thoughts, thus creating our perception. We created this world, together. We live in wooden boxes when we could be living n crystal temples.  The pyramids were made from solid, quartz crystal. That was during the time when the matriarchy was still the dominant social system. 

We have evolved and now it is time for a balanced system, one free of gender, religion and race. 

Clairvoyant organs  connect you  to the rhythms of the natural world,  to the  cosmological bodies and to the many  other non-physical beings and locations that are here to assist in our development. 


The first piece of information that I can share to activate the beginnings of conceptual revolution is


This means your family, friends, boss, teacher, preacher, lover, child, neighbor, president, mother, father...
True connection to source, to the God/dess/ess, comes from direct communication.
Anyone who says they are the best, the most, the highest, the greatest...beware. That is dangerous language and puts us deeper and deeper into the hierarchical systems and away from self-sovereignty.

There is a lot of work to be done. Nothing is too small. Any contribution to regaining balance, freedom and connection is a great one. It can just take a subtle shift in all of us to literally change the world as we know it today. 

I will soon be creating videos on how to connect to your guides directly, the retelling of demonized beings and Deities, and art pieces to enhance clairvoyant awareness and expansion. 

Magical Application for Self-Sovereignty Activation:

Begin by creating a simple altar. You may have years of experience or have never built one before. Either way is fine. What truly matters when making your altar is the intention and willingness to tend your altar. Treat each altar as a low-maintenance pet to "keep it alive". Place a few objects that make you feel inspired, unique, self-empowered, fierce, individualized and autonomous. For example, I would place some type of fire (candle) for primal fire, an image of Medusa for liberation, a piece of quartz crystal for clarity, a bowl of salt water for clearing and intuitive connection, and one of my wisdom teeth I have saved for personal power. Once you have created your altar, keep the energy alive. This means visiting it daily, cleaning it, changing the objects (if you feel it needs) and talking to it. Writing words, quotes, song lyrics, symbols, shapes, etc. can also be added to the altar and burned when they need to be changed. This altar should stay active minimum of two weeks, but can stay effective up to two months. Altars do need to be changed and you can notice the shift in energy when it is time for this to take place

 Mantra for Self-Sovereignty:
I chose to incarnate and my path is great no matter the size. I stand in my authentic form, beautiful and perfect. No one has authority over me. No one will ever have authority over me.    


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